Sea Veg - Research
Sea Veg - Research
Sea Veg - Research

Sea Veg - Research


In 1985 Scott founded Sea Veg, USA (now FarmaSea Health LLC). He began researching and promoting the value of sea vegetation in Human Nutrition. Studying under his mentor, Dr. Joseph V. Wachter, Jr., who passed away in 1988, Scott was privy to the large body of research and documentation amassed by the Wachters family and became the largest distributor of Wachters Organic Sea Products in the 74 year history of the company.

In 1999 Scott created the FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants, imported in conjunction with the Irish Seaweed Centre of the National University of Ireland, Galway. Along with his friend and scientific advisor, Stefan Kraan, PhD Marine Botany, Scott created what is now considered the most powerful blend of edible sea plants on Earth. These are delivered as a definitive dietary food supplement, in 100% vegetable capsules called: Super Sea Veg by FarmaSea.

Mr. Kennedy has collected over the years, unmatched and overwhelming anecdotal data and case histories from direct experience. Included are complete remissions of Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Psoriasis, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cysts, Skin Cancer, IBS, Hemorrhoids, Breast Cancer, Candida, Lymphoma, Melanoma, M.S. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Heart Disease and many more.

Scott has created and amassed the most comprehensive collection of scientific literature on Marine Alga in the world, with the help of Dr. Kraan. Mr. Kennedy hosted the long-running talk radio show in Las Vegas, The Nature of Health Show (1993-1998) interviewing hundreds of health professionals, including, Dr's Weil Whitaker, Willix, Omen, Siegel, Jensen, Kaman, Northrop, Pritikin and in-depth interviews with the NCI, the AMA, the ACS, and the FDA. Recently, Mr. Kennedy's Televised Sea Vegg Interview-Infomercial rose to Number 6 in 2005. His personal mission and message has brought Sea Vegetation to more humans for daily consumption than anyone in history.

All this research has been used to develop Super Sea Veg. Super Sea Veg contains 12 edible and organic species, not only from the clean waters on the west coast of IRELAND, but now from Pristine Oceans around the world, chosen from 10,000 varieties chosen for their powerful nutritional profiles, with the help of my friend and Scientific advisor, Dr. Stefan Kraan, Ph.D. in Marine Botany.

Research has proven that the waters of our oceans contain some of the richest known sources of mineral elements. Rain, erosion and rivers bring all the valuable vitamins of the earth into the ocean, and sea plants absorb them.

These vast sources of nutrition may become much more important than any of us now realize. Land degradation, pollution and over farming has had a drastic effect on the soil. The fruits and vegetables we eat derive their vitamins and minerals from the soil. If the food grown on land can no longer give us all the nutrients that our bodies require and need, we must turn to the rich vegetation of the ocean.

It has always been accepted in Japan that eating sea vegetables like Nori and Wakame will prolong life. Now Japanese and other scientists have demonstrated that such assumptions are not so far fetched, given their proven ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as thinning the blood.

Kelp and other seaweeds have the ability to synthesize sunlight into Vitamin D in their tissues, not unlike humans do within their skin. These are the only plants that do this in any appreciable amount.

In the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered the source of the Biblical story of the great flood, the hero brings up from the depths of the sea a plant said to bestow eternal youth and immortality on the eater.

Seaweed as a staple item of diet has been used in Japan and China since prehistoric times. In 600 BC, Sze Teu wrote in China, "Some algae are a delicacy fit for the most honored guests, even for the King himself." Some 21 species are used in everyday cookery in Japan, six of them since the 8th century. Seaweed accounts for some 10% of the Japanese diet and seaweed consumption reached an average of 3.5 kg per household in 1973, a 20% increase in 10 years.

The oldest book in Iceland, dating back to 961 B.C., includes detailed regulations about coastal property rights to be respected in the collection of sea vegetables.

There are records of sea plants being collected and eaten by the coastal populations of Northern Europe, as well as by the people around the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

The Native American Indians such as the Eskimos used sea vegetation for eating and healing throughout their history.

Finally, there are legitimate theories, that the only powerful food that could have grown in the desert would be single cell macro marine algae. There is a white single cell specie. If the conditions were right, in the morning hours, given the condensation on the rocks and sand within this ancient sea bed called the Sinai Desert, when the Sun came up and shined on the rocks, in conjunction with the Hand of God, this Manna (Hebrew for we don't know what it is?), would dry and turn fluffy white, and blow in the morning breeze like snow. The rest is history.

Sea Veg - Research

Sea Veg - Research

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