Sea Veg - Frequently Asked Questions
Sea Veg - Frequently Asked Questions
Sea Veg - Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Veg - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Super Sea Veg?
A: Super Sea Veg is the new and improved formula created by FarmaSea. Our new Super Sea Veg blend is very powerful. These sea weed species are from Pristine waters from around the world. These 12 sea weed species, chosen from 10,000 with the help of Dr; Stefan Kraan, Ph.D, have NEVER been together in the same country, let alone the same capsule, in the history of mankind.

Q: What are the Benefits of Super Sea Veg?
A: Most people's bodies are pH imbalanced and highly acidic, which causes a long list of ailments. Here is just a preview of what Super Sea Veg can help you with. Remember, Super Sea Veg feeds the cells and blood, YOUR BODY does the rest, It KNOWS HOW!
- Repair corroded arteries, veins and heart tissue
- Weight loss, obesity and diabetes
- Metabolism and energy boost
- Reduce free radical damage from occurring
- Block cholesterol plaque
- Lower blood pressure
- Help remove toxins and heavy metals

Q: Why use Super Sea Veg?
A: Hello?? How can these people fix your body? They can't even fix their own bodies. M.D.s die at an average age of 62, in the U.S. Not only that, but the cure for De-Generation or (Degenerative Disease), is RE-Generation.

Exactly what can and does, an M.D. provide you and your cells, tissues, organs and body, that will in any manner, Re-Generate, rebuild or re-model your organic cells? And the answer is? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The truth is, your body heals itself with the organic materials you provide it and we believe Super Sea Veg is the best dietary food in history.

The joke is on the American People and the rest of the healthy world laughs at us and feels sorry for us because we are fatted and led to slaughter by medical science which is another term for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Ten million children are on Ritalin or Luvox. These drugs are pushed by the establishment of teachers, and health professionals.

It's all a big huge horrible LIE. Your cells regenerate themselves with raw materials from your diet, not from drugs, surgery, synthetic vitamins or testing. Americans are dying from their diets, not from a shortage of drugs, surgery, synthetic vitamins or testing. Supplementing daily with Sea Vegetation, is the smartest thing an American can do today for their cellular health. The raw materials (organic nutritional compounds) are so powerful, your cells regenerate themselves, and so your organs heal themselves. Be your own doctor by waking up to see that the American Medical Association, isn't healing anyone. They simply save your life after accidents, and make your inevitable degeneration more comfortable by drugging the symptoms away, and removing diseased parts, without regenerating anything. Nothing.

Super Sea Veg regenerates, and it's Why the healthiest cultures that live the longest, eat from the sea. These cultures never died at 42! Only the meat based Europeans died from infectious diseases, due to bacteria in undercooked cattle. The Mother of all Plants is Macro Marine Algae. You don't have to eat much, just eat it every day and watch your cells wake up!

Q: Can Super Sea Veg be taken by children?
A: Absolutely. It is a wonderful source of minerals, many of which are extremely important to a growing childs proper development. 1-3 capsules a day for children 4-12. It is 100% vegetable and there can be no overdose.Japanese children eat 4 grams a day, and that equals 8 Super Sea Veg veggie-caps. NOTE: Our children's Sea Veg is coming very soon! For toddlers, the capsules can be opened and the organic Super Sea Veg can be sprinkled on food, or mixed into foods. Its interesting how children like the taste of Super Sea Veg and somehow know its good for them! They respond immediately with improved immunity and overall health benefits. Why not order some for you and your family? We have the Ocean Offer for that very reason.

Q: Can Super Sea Veg be taken with other supplements, drugs or foods?
A: Yes, Super Sea Veg is a 100% FOOD supplement. Its not the Super Sea Veg people should worry about, but the chemicals and toxins in their diet and environment, which Super Sea Veg assists in removing, while also helping to regenerate on a cellular level. Nothing is safer than Super Sea Veg. Why not give it a try?

Q: When will I feel a difference? How will I know its working?
A: Well, how long after eating a meal, do you know its working? Super Sea Veg is not a drug and so shouldn't be viewed as a pill that makes you feel something. True biological health is long term and sometimes subtle. One day you realize you feel better, think clearer, sleep better, have more stamina, get fewer colds and are in a good mood more often. Usually in the first 30 days, subtle signs appear and if you stay with it, you can expect more lasting results. The proof is in the pudding. Super Sea Veg will prove itself to anyone who gives it a chance. How about giving yourself a chance to be healthier than ever before, and order some Super Sea Veg today?

Q: Is Super Sea Veg like fish oil pills. When you swallow them you burp up the fishy taste?
A: No not at all. Whole Super Sea Veg is vegetation, not oil from a fish. It is quickly absorbed in the stomach and used immediately. Still, if we take or eat anything with carbonated drinks, burping up the taste of the food is normal. Remember, the taste and smell of Fish is from the sea Veg they eat. You're just skipping the fish with Super Sea Veg. If you want the fantastic health benefits, you may have to get used to the organic smell coming from the active enzymes and living plant material in Super Sea Veg. Your cells don't care about taste and smell, but substance. Give them what they need, the Super Sea Veg, and you'll find you'll begin to develop a strange liking to the taste and smell of your Super Sea Veg!

Q: Can pregnant mothers and Seniors take Super Sea Veg?
A: Yes they can as it is 100% organically balanced plant material. They should take it! Still, if you're unsure, feel free to consult your doctor before taking your Super Sea Veg. A potential problem arises when a doctor doesn't know about something; they'll usually tell you not to take it. This protects them from giving advice on something they don't understand and know little about. Super Sea Veg has a huge amount of science behind it. Super Sea Veg feeds and protects the person who takes it, daily. It is part of the macro-biotic diet, which is known as the best diet. Eating Super Sea Veg IS eating right.

Q: Is Super Sea Veg tested for pollution?
A: Yes of course. There are tests run on every batch to insure its safety and effectiveness. Our air, food and water have more toxins than ever before. Super Sea Veg actually helps your cells tolerate and eliminate the more than 75,000 chemicals created in the past 100 years, which are found everywhere. Super Sea Veg is also tested for heavy metals and bad bacteria. We Farm the Sea off the coast of the clean, green emerald isle, Ireland. No industry, no pollution. Super Sea Veg doesn't absorb toxic amounts of anything, although fish can. Super Sea Veg is also Ph balanced, unlike most name brand vitamins. The true pollution is not in the sea, but all around us. Super Sea Veg helps us deal with that pollution.

Q: What is Sea Vegetation and What is it's History?
A: Seaweed is actually a nutritious and mulit-talented vegetable. Seaweed has been used in many places for many uses for thousands of years. Seaweed is a type of algae. Algae came to existence about three and a half billion years ago. Colonies of algae started to grow about 1 billion years ago.

Seaweed as a staple item of diet has been used in Japan and China since prehistoric times. In 600 BC, Sze Teu wrote in China, "Some algae are a delicacy fit for the most honored guests, even for the King himself." Some 21 species are used in everyday cookery in Japan, six of them since the 8th century. Seaweed accounts for some 10% of the Japanese diet and seaweed consumption reached an average of 3.5 kg per household in 1973, a 20% increase in 10 years.

Q: Why Not Just Take Vitamins?
A: Name brand Multi-vitamins may do more harm than good since major disease has increased in the population who take those types of supplements, over the past 60 years.

Sea Veg - Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Veg - Frequently Asked Questions

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