pHion Berry Superfruit
pHion Berry Superfruit
pHion Berry Superfruit

pHion Berry Superfruit

pHion Berry Superfruit  (30 Capsules)

pHion Berry Superfruit Benefits:

  • Certified 8000 ORAC
  • Daily dose equal to 8 servings (4 lbs.) of fresh
  • Made from 10 concentrated fruit and botanical
  • Provides a wide range of antioxidants
  • Supplies much needed Polyphenols & Bioflavinoids
  • Provides fruit antioxidant benefit without the sugar
  • Easy to swallow capsules

pHion Berry Superfruit Features:

Different antioxidants for different free radicals. pHionBerry
Superfruit contains over 10 different kinds of powerful antioxidants to
help fight multiple kinds of free radicals.

Botanical blend. We've also included all the botanical antioxidant
superstars - like pine bark, grape seed extract, bilberry, and green tea - in
pHion Berry Superfruit.

Safe to take with your multivitamin. Many antioxidant formulas on the
market contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that may be unsafe to
combine with your daily multivitamin. The doses provided in pHion Berry
Superfruit were specially formulated so they're high enough to be effective, but
low enough to take safely with your multivitamin.

Superfruit blend. pHion Berry Superfruit includes concentrates of some
of nature's most powerful antioxidant superfruits - such as gojiberry,
mangosteen, pomegranate, acai berry, red raspberry and blueberry to name a few -
all without the fruit sugar.

Super strong antioxidant power. A daily dose of pHion Berry Superfruit
has a certified ORAC rating (a scientific measure of antioxidant strength) of
8,000 units. That's equivalent to more than four pounds of fresh fruit and

Product Ingredients

pHion Antioxidant Complex Contains:

Mangosteen Extract (30% Xanthones) - Mangosteen, a fruit relatively
unheard of just a decade ago, has taken America by storm. Due to its content of
antioxidant xanthones, this southeast Asian powerhouse has been shown to protect
LDL ("bad") cholesterol from oxidation and inhibit inflammation - both good
things for cardiovascular health.

Pomegranate Extract (40% Ellagic Acid) - The blood-red seeds of the
pomegranate are packed with antioxidants. In fact, pomegranate has six times the
antioxidant power of green tea! Scientists believe that the ellagitannins in
pomegranate convert to ellagic acid - the same cellular protector found in
raspberries. A number of studies have found that pomegranate protects prostate
cells and breast cells from abnormal changes.

Grape Seed Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins) contains a powerful
antioxidant called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complex (OPC). Grape seed extract
has been found to be one of the richest sources of OPC, and has been shown to
prevent heart disease, stop tissue degeneration, improve blood circulation, and
increase blood vessel strength, and deter cancer. OPC also helps protect and
restore collagen, and keeps skin young and healthy looking.

Green Tea Extract (99% Polyphenols, 80% Catechins, 45% EGCG) is rich
in polyphenols including catechins that conduct a number of antioxidant
activities, including scavenging of such reactive oxygen species as superoxide,
hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals. EGCG appears to have the greatest antioxidant
activity of all the green tea catechins, and is 200 times more powerful than
vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals. Green tea catechins may have
anticarcinogenic, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

Bilberry Extract (25% Anthocyanin) is best known for its effect on
vision. Bilberry not only improves night vision but studies have recently shown
that bilberry improves nearsightedness as well as overall vision throughout the
day. Beyond maintaining eye health, anthocyanin (the active ingredient in
bilberry extract) has other benefits such as strengthening capillaries and veins
and alleviating digestive problems.

Pine Bark Extract with Pycnogenol (95% Proanthocyanidins) is an
antioxidant that some researchers assert is fifty times more potent as an
antioxidant than vitamin E and twenty times more potent than vitamin C. Because
it is so powerful, Pine Bark Extract neutralizes free radicals with great speed
and effectiveness, thus allowing cells to regenerate quickly. It binds to
collagen and helps maintain and restore skin elasticity. It also serves to
protect blood vessels and increase circulation.

Raspberry Extract (20% Ellagic Acid) Raspberry's contain a phenolic
compound called Ellagic Acid. This polyphenol inhibits the incidence of cancer
by binding cancer causing chemicals and making them inactive. Ellagic acid
causes apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells with no change to the normal
healthy cells. It also is known to promote the healing and rebuilding of tissues
and skin.

Wolfberry Extract (Polysaccharides 40%), also known as Goji berry, has
been found to have extremely high levels of immune-stimulating polysaccharides,
which nourish large white blood cells in the body. As a result, the cells
produce higher levels of interleukin which stimulates the immune system.
Polysaccharides also enhance the activity of B lymphocytes that help fight
bacterial infections.

AlkaBerry Blend (95% Proanthocyanidins) is made from extracts of
blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, pomegranate and strawberries.
Blackberries have been shown to inhibit esophageal cancer and tumor
formation in the mouth and colon. Blueberries help protect the brain and
central nervous system is by causing an increase in serum antioxidant status,
which is linked to reduced risk of chronic and degenerative diseases.
Cranberries show high antioxidant activity and slow the proliferation of
human liver-cancer cells. Pomegranates help keep fatty deposits from
collecting on artery walls, and keep heart cells healthier. Strawberries
are also thought to protect against age-related neurodegenerative diseases, and
to provide benefits to the brain.

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